April 12, 2024
Finished Loft Bedroom

[Updated] Finished Loft Bedroom

A brief setback with the house disappearing didn’t stop Wikiwoo from finishing the bed area. In the last 24 hours since, she’s already opened and decorated another satellite store from scratch, and started redesigning another room in the barn. I was too slow to even get a “before” picture of that room.

Some of our favorite pieces:

There are two hard to find dressers that we both love. They’re called “junk. wannabe boho. drawers. red. RARE.” and unfortunately it appears the creator is no longer around. They’re transferable and can be found on the marketplace (at the time of writing) by various sellers for L$400-500.

The detail of the wood grain, the pulls, and the screened symbol on the side are well worn and authentic. On the tech side I keep guessing this was done with Substance Painter, although I’m still such a newbie at all this, there could be a dozen 3D programs out there capable of painting on such fine detail.

Bed and Tea Table

The bed ( “2 – DRD – Vagabond Two – Messy Bed – RARE” ) on the other hand is still available from its original gacha source as well as many vendors on the Marketplace, with some listings starting starting in the low L$200s. There is no adult animations, although it look like nice sleep-together animations and single person rest poses. One interesting thing worth noting: when you lay on it, the blankets disappear, and you’re laying on sheets.

Next to the bed is another favorite piece, the tea table “ionic : El te de la tarde”. As Wikiwoo puts it, it can go anywhere – bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, patio… And it’s hella cheap on the Marketplace – less than the pull price of the gacha.

There are a few other notable pieces around, like the containers of rose petals (“02 MI Banglore Rose Petals Decor (3 LI)”) next to a lamp (“8 – DRD – Vagabond – Drop Lamp”), copper bowl with flowers floating in it (“Zaara [home] : Copper frangipani bowl pink“), and a cute mirror (“Luas Boho Summer Mirror”).

But the most interesting piece for me is the set of terrariums (“{vespertine} obscure plantscapes – bottled plant 4”). They are a bitch to take a proper picture of, but in person and up close they are impressive. There are detailed plants and grasses inside, beautiful bottles with a subtle dimply texture that defies my meager camera skills, and a well worn metallic stand. This is yet another set of objects I would really love to have in real life.


This room also marks a departure for Wikiwoo. In the past everything but the barn was for sale. With the redecoration of the bed loft, she’s starting to set some items she wants to keep for a while like the dressers and terrariums not-for-sale. Someday she might put them on the Marketplace or check the “sale” box for the item in-world, but for now they’re likely available on the Marketplace by other vendors.

We encourage anyone and everyone to stop by and see these (at least until the room gets redecorated).


Wiki changed the bed. 😍

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