December 9, 2023

Latest Living Room

This is the latest creation from Wikiwoo. This is in the main barn, and replaces the former living room.

The amazing back wall (“AEONS * Pallet Deco Screen B (Wood)”) hides the repeating pattern on the wall and adds a nice background to the area. Meanwhile the centerpiece and favorite part of the collection is the salt lamp trio (“ionic : Las lamparitas de sal”) on the coffee table.

A few notable pieces in the scene:

This is the very detailed “06) Zinnias Aztec cactus Pot” and a “junk. wannabe boho. floor cushion. three.”, weighing in at a mere 3 and 1 land impact each. The detail on the cactus is amazing.

Another cactus (“05) Zinnias Blue Cactus Bowl”) by the same creator (Zinnia Karu) is found on the sidetable:

That one is 2 LI.

Speaking of plants, this other potted plant (“02) Zinnias Potted Ponytail Palm”) appears in the scene:

As a budding novice Second Life object designer, I’m impressed enough by the detail, texture, and overall look of these objects. But the real appreciation comes from the low land impact.

Finally my other favorite objects in her room layout is this hookah (“TLG – KKNS2 -Hooka”) and Papasan (“[IK] Boho Deco – Chair (Adult)”).

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