January 18, 2022

Mesh Sunflower Cluster

In which Wiki replaces some high land-impact flowers with nicer, low LI free ones.

Outside the barn we had three old groups of sunflowers. Wiki realized they were 53 land impact each(!), for a grand total of over 150 LI! The two 8,192 sq meter areas we have allow for 2,500 each, but still, 150 is a chunk, considering She set upon finding some new, lower land impact pieces to replace them. In her search she came across these beauties on the marketplace:

Free! The description gives the sad reason why:

The Flowers are a Gift for you now for 0 Linden because someone has stolen them and are selling them on Marketplace.This Persons are reported.If you look it up and find the stolen ones,you can see that they have much more prim count than mines.I got all original files on my Pc and can proof it anytime.Please leave a review.

Hazel Nutters (seraphina.stormcrow)

*Sigh*. Sure enough, the offending copies are still on the Marketplace, at a migraine-inducing price of $L249, and with the same picture copied from the original no less. Despite the original creator putting them on for free, Wiki sent her some $L anyway.

So that aside, the new flowers look amazing. Each cluster has a land impact of only one, and Wiki used two total:

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