April 12, 2024

Not Sure What Happened Here

I logged in this afternoon to do some property maintenance. I wasn’t really looking at my avatar for a good half hour until I was done, when I noticed this.

The fix was simple: In Firestorm, right-click on myself-> Appearance -> Reset -> Skeleton. I’m not sure what it would be for standard SL viewers.

The glitch made me laugh so hard that it finally prompted me to create a Youtube channel and start to learn some video editing.

This is my first real foray into digital video editing. In college long ago I took a few video editing classes, but the tools were archaic and limited. Our university had a two-deck VHS editing station with a basic effects generator that could do simple wipes and transitions. I did some good class projects, and even innovated a little by generating titles and graphics from my home computer, but in the end my frustration with the tools won out and I moved on to other subjects.

I recently bought a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud’s all applications package, primarily for Photoshop to use for other projects. Having access to their entire family of apps for once finally gave me the chance to try out real tools.

I spent part of the weekend following tutorials for Premier Pro and After Effects. For this small video project I opted for the simpler, online media oriented Adobe Rush. I didn’t need anything fancy, and to be honest, I didn’t feel like figuring out things like optimal resolutions and scaling video correctly. Rush took care of all that, and was enough to get me going quick. I’ll go back and learn the more professional programs in the near future.

I also employed Photoshop to get our YouTube channel’s banner and icon.

Overall I really enjoyed producing this video. I’m looking forward to making more videos, especially of Wikiwoo’s acquisitions and arrangements. Pictures capture many of them fine, but to really do them justice, they need to be seen in motion from different angles.

On that note, one thing I noticed was the difficulty in moving the camera around to “film” my avatar. This is something I’m going to look into next.


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