April 12, 2024

Overcaffeinated MishMish Hamsters

I still can’t keep up. In the last few days Wiki overhauled the kitchen area of the barn, a side-room, a hut outside. But the biggest new change is a MishMish coffee shop outside the barn, filled cute hamsters, “MishMish Hammies.”

The New Shop Inside

“What happened was…”

Wikiwoo removed a Japanese house from the end of our yard, and in looking to fill the space, picked this coffee house. She’s been a huge fan of the matching cafe furniture featuring cute hamsters, so naturally she decided to make up a whole shop.

I didn’t know this until writing this blog post, but MishMish has a blog. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the creator either. But like Wikiwoo, I really appreciated the stylized cuteness, especially when mixed with realistic objects. Anyway, their blog does a better job at describing what they create:

MishMish is a store in Second Life ™ where you can find lots of cute and fun items to dress up your avatar!

You will find plushies, toys, accessories and more!Everything is 100% original content.
I do the modeling, the texturing, the majority of my scripts and even the poses built in some of my products!

They have an in-world store, featuring both gachas and items directly for sale. On a recent trip to the store, Wikiwoo and Eliisa picked up a few companions

Wikiwoo also threw a few non-MishMish items in the shop, including a really cool vintage coffee shop sign, part of a gacha collection (“Dopestation”).

Here’s some pictures from the new shop:

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