February 25, 2024

About Us


We’re a few friends who hang out in Second Life. We mostly decorate, and are just starting to design. We spend so much time in-world we decided to start a blog to share our experiences, and show off some amazing designers, with a focus on transferable items that can be found “used” on the Marketplace and in-game by many re-sellers.

Tataku: Technical guy, currently learning to build 3D objects for Second Life.

Wikiwoo: Gacha market extraordinaire, interior design, queen of the aesthetic and eye for detail. Almost everything you see in this blog that wasn’t built by us was found and curated by her.

Elissa: She’s kind of a resident good-luck charm and holder of second opinions.

A little more backstory:

Retro in many ways

Tataku started playing in Second Life well over a decade ago. For several years he explored this ever-expanding world, then started making and selling some retro computer models from his childhood. These were built prior to mesh, and used prims wildly contorted into the shapes necessary to replicate the computers of his childhood. They were primitive but fit in well with the largely pre-mesh SL.

Fast forward several years. Tataku’s circling back and learning various tools (currently Blender 2.8, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Affinity Photo) to build 3D objects in this new mesh-dominated world.

One of many Wikiwoo arrangements

Wikiwoo joined and started playing a few years after Tataku. Real-life forever partners, they enjoy each other’s company in both world exclusively. For many years they repeatedly set up new fantastic places to live, finding unique locations and homes, while Wikiwoo tirelessly searched the grid for beautiful objects to decorate.

Lately she’s brought her talents for finding well designed into buying and selling transferable pieces, both on the marketplace and in-world locations. Most are objects found through Gachas. Over the years Wiki’s become an expert in spotting the best of the pieces around, and arranging them in cohesive collections.

Elissa has been around forever, and is a source for comedy relief. She technically runs the stores, but all the real work is done by Takaku and Wiki. If you see someone in the yard riding a turkey, it’s probably Elissa.