April 12, 2024
Upcycled Sofa

Upcycled Hideout Sofa, Spring Living Chairs, and More

Upcycled Sofa
Upcycled Sofa

Wikiwoo just created this from the gacha Maru Kado My Hideout_Sofa originally designed by u10 nitta, by meticulously retexturing the fabric pieces with a new fabric pattern she uploaded. We’re so glad when designers have modify permissions (which is most of them), giving Wiki and others the opportunity to breathe new life into designs that have been around a while.

Check out the original designer’s detail of the upholstery tacks on the back:

Couch Back
Couch Back

She also upcycled these two -tb- Spring Living – Chair pieces the night before.

As I’m writing this article she’s at work turning this (Scarlet Creative – Sofia Sofa) into something new:

Before couch

We’re not going to talk about the fabric texture that Wiki accidentally dragged to her hair while decorating this couch. Let’s just say, thankfully the hair’s hud replaced the texture. Ooops.

After a few trials and tweaks, this is the glorious result:

See it for yourself at our Orsinia main area.

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