April 12, 2024
Feel Good Entrance

Feel Good

I’m Elissa, I help Wikiwoo and Tataku with the land, the store, customer service, etc. Mostly I just hang around our main Orsinia land AFK checking for messages now and then. Feel free to drop me an IM and say hi!

Recently Wikiwoo waved her magic wand and made a new shop appear where the Snack Bar once was. This is also one of the buildings that she started placing some retextured furnishings in. We’ll go into detail about that very soon.

The photos were all shot in Firestorm in 1600×1200 (some with advanced lighting, some without.. I still can’t tell which I like more). They were brought into Photoshop where I (roughly speaking) created a vignette, adjusted the saturation (lots of saturation), levels, curves, then re-adjusted the vignette, added an iris blur, then messed around with everything until the picture looked right.

On that note… I’m still in the process of learning Photoshop. My Photoshop knowledge is stuck in the early 2000s. I only recently upgraded to CC, and there’s so many new techniques to learn! At any rate, I’ll post some tips some time in the future when I have a good workflow down.

Ҟitten Fetuccio was visiting the shop while taking photos. Hi Kitten!

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