April 11, 2024

Surprised by a Blog Post – Mahala’s Wanderlust!

I read Reddit… a little too much. One of the subreddit’s I subscribe to is Second Life’s /r/secondlife, where up until recently had steady posts, but very few posters. Lately though, in the last few years, the (currently) >6,000 subscriber community has really been hopping. Memes happen, lively discussions ensue, and users help each other.

Imagine my shock when I opened a Reddit post entitled “Finding Bargains at Gatcha Resellers” and immediately recognized one of Wikiwoo’s shops! I ran out of the (RL) house and bounded across the lawn to where she was feeding the birds to show her.

Click here to see the blog post

It was a cool blog post that really got to the heart of what makes resold gachas so great for Second Life dwellers. The author, Mahala Roviana, touched upon my favorite point – that with the Marketplace, you really have to know what you’re looking for. With in-world gacha shops and markets, they are full of ideas, different styles & designers, and in the end you get to see what something looks like.

The article stirred up some great discussion, with users asking for suggestions on places to shop. I’m still pretty self-promotion-shy on places like Reddit, so I private messaged a few with links directly to our store, while others I told publicly how to find the shopping area where Wikiwoo’s pictured shop lives – Gacha Delights.

Mahala’s blog Mahala’s Wanderlust is a really fun blog. It’s great to see a blog that explores the world of Second Life and talks about the things found along the way. It also really resonates with me, who also returned recently. It’s well worth a read.

Thanks for spreading the word about gacha resellers, Mahala!

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